Fr. 17.Juli ab 22 Uhr (Live-Set um 23:30 Uhr puenktlich)

live: CUT HANDS aka William Bennett (Whitehouse)
DJ: Mr.Mueck (Institut fuer Feinmotorik)

Afro-Noise, Tribal, Rhythm n Loud

Subkultur-Legende William Bennett (UK), der seit Anfang der 1980er mit seiner Industrial-Band WHITEHOUSE genrepraegend war und auch fuer einige Irritation sorgte, stellt sein aktuelles Live-Projekt im Salon vor. CUT HANDS ist die Verbindung von Afro-Beat mit Noise-Musik, ein radikaler Bastard fuer offene Ohren!

"I think it's been obvious for a while now my fascination with Africa (and Haiti for that matter), especially in terms of the music, language, and art - the inspiration has been utterly invaluable, and now my plan is to take this passion and endeavour much further with the pursuit of an open-ended genre that I've dubbed 'afro noise'. Essentially to consist of obscure African percussion elements in free-form work-outs with almost any other type of (genuine) sound experimenting. Already in evidence in some of the latter-day Whitehouse tracks, I believe there are incredible and exciting possibilities here which will also serve to draw a firm line between - what seems to me at least, and I've said it before - the utterly staid, conservative, conformist, and oh-so-boring ageing 'noise' genre. Let's recapture the flame and the excitement."

FOTO: Muir Vidler